Mahindra is proud to have the Mahindra EarthMaster SX 4WD Backhoe Loader, a revolutionary machine that has set new standards in the 4 wheel drive Backhoe Loader category and take the export market by storm. Mahindra EarthMaster SX 4WD is a substantially more superior machine, with greater reliability, dramatically less maintenance, better operational kinematics and dynamics with phenomenal fuel efficiency.

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Variants SX 4WD
Features Excavator Controls Mechanical Levers
Instrument Cluster Analog DiGi sense – GPS, GPRS base vehicle health monitoring & tracking system (Optional)
Warranty 1 year Standard Warranty, Unlimited Hours
Banana Boom Design Yes
180 Deg Revolving Seats with Arm rest and Seat Belts Yes
Storage Box Yes
Engine Mahindra DITEC Turbocharged Intercooled Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinders 4
Displacement 3532 cc
Gross Horse Power 58.8 kw (79.89 HP) @ 2300 +/- 50 RPM
Peak Gross Torque 306 Nm @1300-1700 RPM
Hydraulics System Type and Pressure Open Centre: 250 Bars (3675 psi)
Pump Type Fixed Displacement Gear Pump
Pump Delivery 115 litres @ 2350 RPM
Control Valves (Backhoe Loader) Sectional Valves (Sandwich Type, Individually Replaceable)
Transmission Type Four Speed (4 Forward, 4 Reverse), Low Noise, Four Wheel Drive (4 WD), Synchro Shuttle Transmission with Electrically Operated Reversing Shuttle and Torque Convertor having Stall Ratio of 2.64:1
Axles Rear Axles Rigidly mounted drive axle, with outbound planetary final drives,driven by short drive shaft.
Front Axle Centrally pivoted, driven and streered for 4 wheeler drive axle, with total oscillation of 16°
Brakes Service Brakes Hydraulically actuated, self adjusting, maintenance free, oil immersed multi-disc, on the rear axle, operated by independent foot pedals, joined together for normal operation.
Parking Brakes Hand operated, inbuilt in the rear axle, low maintenance.
Steering Front wheel hydrostatic power steering, with priority function and manual override in case of engine or hydraulic power failure, Working pressure of 145 bar.
Operator Information Front Cluster With Speedometer, Turn and Head Light Signals indicating RPM, Kilometers Run, Hours Run, Fuel Level, Temperature
Elevator Perforamance Maximum Dig Depth 4959 mm #
Reach at Ground Level to Slew Centre 5761mm
Reach at Full height to Slew Centre 2676mm
Maximum Working Height 6043mm#
Maximum Load Over Height 4302 mm#
Excavator Pivot Mechanism Side Shift
Side Reach to the Centre of the Machine 6291 mm
Excavator Bucket Breakout Force 5199 kg
Excavator Arm Breakout Force 3182 kg
Lift Capacity to Bucket Pivot at Full Reach
( no bucket fitted) ( SAE J31)
1449 kg
Backhoe Bucket Capacity 0.27 CuM
Loader Performance Dump Height 2715 mm
Load Over Height 3267 mm
Maximum Reach at Full Height 1100 mm
Loader Bucket Breakout Force 6243 kg CuM
Loader Arm Breakout Force 0.27 CuM
Loader Lift Capacity at full height 3428 kg
Loader Bucket Capacity 1.1 CuM, Also available in 6-in-1 bucket
Speed (Gear-F/R) 1st F/R 5.66 km/hr
2nd F/R 9.11 km/hr
3rd F/R 20.00 km/hr
4th F/R 39.97 km/hr
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 100 Litres 50 Litres
Diesel Tank 120 Litres
Engine Coolant 17 Litres
Engine Oil 13.7 Litres 13 Litres
Transmission Oil 22 Litres 12 Litres
Rear Axle Oil 17.10 Litres
Front Axle Oil 9.10 Litres
Front 12.5 x 18 -12PR
Front 12.5 x 18 -12PR
Rear 16.9 X 28-12PR 16.9 X 28-12PR 14 X 25-20PR / 12PR
Turning Radius Outside Bucket (Inner Wheels Braked) 4494 mm
Outside Wheels (Inner Wheels Braked) 3083 mm
Outside Bucket (Inner Wheels Not Braked) 5099 mm
Outside Wheels (Inner Wheels Not Braked) 3825 mm
Shipping Weight of vehicles Shipping weight of the Machine with Industrial Tyres 7730 kg
Shipping Weight of Machine with HD Tyre 7880 kg

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